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the water’s always greener on the other side of the bridge

Out of the shop I set off to catch the bus. This part of Bank St I can either walk all the way down to Billings bridge station or catch the first bus heading there. It’s win win really cause the time difference is negligible. So away I go, cross the intersection. the rhythm from my headphones runs through my head down my neck all the way to my toes and my foot motions to the ascending melodies of Passsion Pit.

this girl is beautiful, fine features and short cropped chestnut hair

Cross the street and lo and behold, the bus has arrived. Guess I didn’t need the exercise that bad anyhow (right?) and at least I’ll shave a bit of time off my trip.

she’s boarding too! how serendipitous, all I need is my opportunity and I’ll strike up a scintillating conversation and the rest is academic!

Sit down, crack open the libraries latest offering for me, True Faith, one of the very first works by Garth Ennis. Ennis is an inspiration when it comes to comic writers as far as I’m concerned, No one can replicate his voice. By the third page I’m immersed, his biting wit and grim cynical characters make it clear exactly why he’s the legend he is today, the foundation is in these pages like the brick and mortar of a skyscraper, lacking flash but rock solid.

Cynics vs. Catholics

Cynics vs. Catholics

she’s sitting right across from me, what do I do? who the hell chats with strangers on the bus anyhow!? I’m gonna come off like a complete weirdo, but she’s absolutely stunning.

The thing I love about Garth Ennis is that he manages to set the tone free of a lot of interior monologue or caption use. The most acclaimed writers classically speaking (most notably Moore and Miller) use a lot of captions and tell the reader an awful lot. Ennis uses that sparingly, and even in his early work you can tell he would rather immerse you in the atmosphere of the story than take you out with narrative. I’m totally stunned I found this in the library, I’d never even heard about this book and as it happens it was his second published work which he wrote when he was 19 years old (which is needless to say humbling to compare yourself to as an aspiring writer, luckily I don’t aspire to achieve the greatness of a Garth Ennis) and predates his groundbreaking Preacher series. the bus is arriving at Billings Bridge now.

I’m peering up at her over my book, admiring her quietly. Oh, Fuck! she looked at me, she looked right at me! her eyes met squarely with mine for what felt like minutes. what do I do!?

What was that? Oh, you've got no balls?

What was that? Oh, you've got no balls?

I look down quickly, mark my page, and close my book and get off the bus. As I’m leaving I can’t help but shake my head to myself.

You’re a complete pussy.


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