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Down Time

Sorry All, I have been a bit absent on the updates as of late. To be honest my life consists of more than blogging if you can believe that, and at the moment it’s got a fair bit of distractions keeping me from regaling you with my fascinating and poignant insights on all things awesome. I certainly have plans for topics I want to cover in the near future, and potentially another comic strip as well (I know, please God no right?) In the interest of whetting your palettes I’ll give you a glimpse of whats on the horizon.

game reviews: Assassins Creed 2, Dragon Age Origins (further down the horizon since that game takes a serious time investment)

Television: Dollhouse (The series thus far), Castle (season 1), Friday night lights (season 4, up to current)

Also I was planning on telling you all about my experiences at this years Fine Art Gala hosted by the Comic Shoppe, though it’s gone by it might be worthwhile to know what you missed, for future considerations. Anyhow just to make it clear I haven’t forgotten about the blog and I do plan on adding some content soon, so I most humbly beg you to continue checking in, more top-notch reading is on your horizon.


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